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We provide cost-effective proven training tailored to the needs of smaller organisations. After all, why pay a fortune to send your staff on a trendy niche sales course, when what you really need is confidence that your people know the basics really well. You want return on investment and you want it fast.

We have developed a portfolio of training which uses tried and trusted methods. You have invested heavily in your staff and we will work with you to tangibly increase their productivity. We don't just train them, we change them!High-quality training can have a massive impact on an individual, not just in the short term but often throughout their lives. It can also make the difference between success and failure for that individual at work and, in a sales or customer service role, that will translate into how much business is generated.

Our philosophy is that by helping you develop the sales and customer service skills of your staff, not only does your bottom line increase, but employee and customer satisfaction improves, staff retention is better and your company benefits all round.

Passionate about results
Straightforward to deal with.


This expertise comes from over 30 years of experience working in retail, direct sales, sales management and training across a range of industries. We understand the pressures you face and want to be part of your journey as you improve and grow.

Why not find out more? Contact us today and see what we can do together.

Latest News:
New course dates coming soon for September! Watch this space!

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